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26 August 2012 @ 09:12 pm
Swimming In The River Styx  
Title: Swimming In The River Styx
Author: angryze AKA charrrmed

Rating: PG-13
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters: Jeremy Gilbert and Kol Mikaelson

Timeline: AU, pre-3.19
Trigger Warning: Thoughts on death, grief, and the mourning process.
Summary: Jeremy asked Kol to override Damon's compulsion and now he must deal with his emotions pre, during, and post compulsion. At the batting cage with Kol, he reflects on his response to John and Jenna's deaths. Companion piece to At Rock Bottom and Looking Up.

Jeremy widened his stance haphazardly and bent his knees, and rolled the bat in his hands. He genuinely didn’t care about his form. The light green ball shot out, and he swung. 

“Are you even trying, mate?” Kol grimaced as if the human’s horrible athleticism gave him physical pains. Four tween-aged runts of the female kind had taken notice of his new friend’s plight. Two of them had giggled, looking as if they wanted to come over and give him some pointers. The other two were happy to ridicule him. For his part, he’d looked at the two lovestruck mortals and given them his most dashing smile. He’d maintained eye contact and communicated that he shared in their pity for his friend. Why yes, they can come over if they so liked. He kept an ear on their heartbeats. When Jeremy missed again and he heard the snickers, he fixed them with his most predatory smile. Their hearts thudded against their chests, and he could see the color drain from their light brown faces as their smiles froze. He wasn’t one for patience, but sometimes, sometimes there was virtue in waiting.

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